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Salman F Rahman and BEXIMCO – “Taking Bangladesh to the World”

From its founding in the 1970’s by two brothers with uncommon foresight and vision, Ahmed Sohail Fasiur Rahman and Ahmed Salman Fazlur Rahman, the BEXIMCO group has grown from being focused solely upon commodities trading to the largest private sector group in Bangladesh.  From real estate development to energy to aviation to textiles, the group has certainly touched lives.  With a diversified group of industries accounting for almost three quarters of Bangladesh’s gross domestic product (GDP), “Taking Bangladesh to the world” seems a more-than-fitting motto for thegroup. 

In today’s climate of global business, it is not enough to be satisfied with success solely on the domestic level.  BEXIMCO is certainly not.  Even as Bangladesh’s biggest private sector employer, the group employs over 48,000 people worldwide and continues to grow.  Under the guidance of its gifted management, BEXIMCO has its sights on the international market.  The management team of each company work independently to achieve success.  With dedication and talent to spare, it is easy to see why BEXIMCO continues to surpass expectations.

One example of Salman F Rahman and BEXIMCO’s success can be seen in the manufacturing plants near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  Inside the state-of-the-art plants are housed power-generation, water purification, waste water treatment and other facilities.  BASF, Chevron, Macys, UNICEF, and JC Penney are just some of the Group’s global clients. 

However, even given all of its immense successes, BEXIMCO has not forgotten from where it came. The group has instead used the means made possible through its international successes to give back to Bangladesh society.  “Proyash”, an organization sponsored by the group, promotes the holistic development of special needs children.  Another institution sponsored by the Group is “Gono Sahajjo Songstha”, which offers education to underprivileged students.

In the ever-evolving world of business today, very few certainties exist. However, it seems relatively certain that Salman F Rahman's  BEXIMCO will continue to thrive, grow, and give back to the country of Bangladesh. Perhaps, it is time to modify that motto “Taking Bangladesh to the World” to “The World’s Taking Notice of Bangladesh". 


  1. Salman F Rahman and BEXIMCO Remarkable name in Bangladesh. But I'm confuse is he pure honest?
    Two Steps From Home

    1. Honesty is a relative term and we do not know any measurable indicator to judge such thing.

  2. Great post. Yes BEXIMCO one of the effective part of Bangladesh. I am also agree with Two Steps From Home. Thank your for interesting article.
    My Complaint


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